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If you are wanting to make money in the stock market, we take a different approach in the methodology used to achieve successful results. We have developed two easy-to-trade timing system in the largest, most recognized security available to invest in the S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY).
Investing in the index is simple. All you need to do is understand where the broad market is going. Also a key benefit of a broad-market ETF index fund is diversification. You will not be putting all of your hard earned eggs in just just one or just a few, but in hundreds of baskets.
Our job is to help YOU win at the job of investing. We apply only rules based logic in our trading/timing decisions with the discipline to follow these rules to help investors navigate both bull and bear markets.



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Investing with a long term time horizon is by far the most profitable strategy when it come to investing in U.S. equities.
Our index trading system does not require you to become a day trader or even an active trader. Our results are achieved over the decades with signals only being executed at the open of trading.
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The system was developed using simple proprietary indicators to tell you exactly when to invest in the stock market and when not to. When using our investing signals, you are either long the
S&P 500 Index, ETF, or in the safety of a cash position.  
If you are able to follow a timing methodology, and able to place an order when needed, then you will have the power to grow your wealth over time.
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Our trading model is used to achieve the above results. The system never changes calculations to fit a specific outcome. The results have worked well over a quarter of a century and all individual signal results can be viewed on our "Individual Trade Results" page. Our signals help you catch the major bull trends and side step major bear markets. 

Simple Trading Rules

If you can follow these 3 simple trading rules, you too can achieve our signal results!


  1. When a BUY signal is issued, place an order to initiate a trade on the next trading day market open, after an alert is issued. It will be sent out over the evening hours via email, or you can check the website each evening for updated signal changes.stheMoor clo we ingwe, ithasBEEA  

  2. When a SELL signal is issued, place an order to initiate a trade on the   next trading day market open  , after an alert is issued. A sell signal is also a signal to go to Cash and await the next buy signal. Sell signal alerts will also be sent our via email over the evening , or you can check the website site for signal changes.
  3. Wait patiently for the next signal.

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